“New Year, New Me!” 

Everyone says it. We all know the people. I might secretly be one of those people… But tell me who says this and actually follows through with all the resolutions on their heart… Props to the people who do, I see you. Sadly, I have never been in that 5% pool of people who actually make it happen… yet. We all know the story. People across the world make their resolutions, and not even a week drags by before they’re stuck in the same old routines and telling themselves it will get better…

When I finally have the income to get that gym membership…

When I get this paid off…

When things with this person finally heal…

When I go to this place…

When I get that job…

When does it actually, though? 

Why not start now?

My favorite author, Anne Downs, talks in her podcast That Sounds Fun! about how she doesn’t make resolutions. I took on that idea as my own this year and decided on the method of adding things that would bring value to my life and then minimizing the things that wouldn’t. 

Here’s what I decided to add: 

Writing it Down

Because I love to write, writing is something that needs to become a daily routine. Even if it is just a paragraph in my journal or a short thought in the notes on my phone, I want to make it a centralized focus in my life so that I might be able to grow in writing and produce what content is important to me. I finally want to chase after the dreams I’ve got inside my heart after remaining stagnant for what feels like too long. Writing it down helps me destress in ways I have neglected in the past and I believe it helps me process the myriad of thoughts I have constantly running through my brain. In order to function, I must write. 

Meal Prepping and Less Eating Out

Not only does meal prepping save me from the prep of everyday cooking, but it also saves me money and time on a daily basis. Two hours of prepping and putting together salads and meals that will keep me healthy in the long run is more important. The timeliness it offers me and the easy action of pulling something already prepared out of the fridge makes me feel like food can actually be manageable. Not only does meal prep do that, but knowing there is food in my own fridge reminds me to eat out less and pass on that pizza and Chinese food that will make me feel bloated at the end of the day, thus healthier choices all around.

Cleaning My Spaces Out

I’ve been learning the importance of cleanliness in a whole new way lately and it really does make a difference. Taking twenty minutes once a week to clean off the surfaces in my room, putting away and folding clothing as soon as it comes out of the laundry, and being sure to keep my car clean has made all the difference in my own life lately. I think that there should be a point where we learn to respect ourselves and the spaces we inhabit. That respect overflows and infiltrates into all other areas of our lives if we let it. I truly believe in the principle that we show others how to treat us based on the areas and spaces we keep and own as our own.  It’s a goal of mine to keep the spaces that are mine cleaner so that one day it becomes a natural routine when I have my own place.


This is the idea that what I live with and own is enough. I haven’t bought a material good since the new year has begun and I’m hoping to keep it that way for as long as possible. I know that what I have is enough. My biggest faults are candles, clothing, and coffee. But realistically, I have enough candles to burn to last me a total of probably two years if I continue to burn them at the once or twice a week rate I burn them at right now. There is no need for me to buy new candles until the ones I have are done with. For clothing, I have met a pretty happy place with the clothes I own and wear consistently. I am still learning, but one rule I do have and keep pretty well is that if I should buy something new, then I must give one or two pieces of clothing I have up. That method has worked well for me. Coffee is an addiction I’m still learning to cut, but drinking one in the morning (should I have slept well the night before) usually does it for me. It’s the afternoon cup I’m still trying to figure out! Either way, I am looking forward to seeing how a more minimal approach to life will help me achieve the other things I am looking for in life. 

None of these things are huge game-changers for me. They are all things I have been working toward on my own time, this is just declaration that I am continuing, it’s simply a shift in mindset and perspective over a period of time. I am realizing that as my mindset and perspective shift, my ability to get more done does, too. I’m looking forward to seeing how 2019 is going to be a table-turning year for me in the best way. After so much growth from this past year, I am ready to make the next year better and in order to do that, adding these small little shifts in routine might just be the game-changer I’ve needed. 

What are you adding to your life this year in order to make value and time a priority?