Three Ways to De-Stress

Everyone gets a little stressed sometimes. 


This might be the source of why every meme we know created is hilarious, because we’ve all been there.


Every personality is different. Everyone finds ways to de-stress on a different level depending on where we get our energy and how we like to rest. For me, it looks a lot like being alone for the majority of a day and then maybe spending it with a few good friends at the end. 


When it comes to stress, though, I won’t know it until it’s too late and my body is telling me to shut down. This recently happened to me and it inspired me to write this blog. I figured sharing some of my knowledge might help the other stressed out people who just need a little help from their friends.


Here it is: Three things to do when you are stressed:



Literally. Shut down your computer, get some real rest and just be. Sometimes our bodies know better than our minds do, so they give off signals that tell us when we need to get rest and stop our regular scheduled programming for a while. 


In my personal case, it was a weeklong headache that wouldn’t relent no matter what I tried to do. For two days straight, outside of work I said no to things I normally would say yes to on any given week and opted to sleep for twelve hours both nights. It didn’t exactly do the trick right away, but I did feel a lot better rested after saying no and opting for true rest.



Even if you’re more of a talker, I believe there is something sacred about deciding to slow down and write it down in a notebook. It’s a holy act for me that typing things isn’t. It helps me process things before speaking up about them, and also optimizes and condenses time in a way that’s different if I just go into something stressful like a conversation I need to have not knowing what I want to say. 



After writing it down, talk about it with a friend, that’s what they are there for after all. 


Recently, I exercised this tip in my own life and it was like a balloon letting air out of its circumference shell. I left a group gathering feeling okay, but also knowing something was off and that I needed to talk about it. 


Instead of going to my car, crying about it on the way home and not saying anything like I normally would, I decided to be brave despite how late it was. I texted a friend letting her know I needed her and wanted to let her in on what was going on in my head. If I had waited until the next day, I definitely would have let it pass. Barriers and walls would have been placed up around my fragile heart and that just wouldn’t have been helpful, especially for my own well-being. 


This was not only a vulnerable and scary thing for me, but it was also probably the best thing I could have done because it resulted in a brave act like letting someone in, talking about what I was feeling, and giving my friend the first true solid idea of where my head was at emotionally for the first time in almost a year.



At the end of the day, even the highest introverts crave connection. We all long to be heard and seen. Usually people become stressed when these things are not being catered to in our personal lives. The only people in charge of de-stressing our lives, however, is ourselves. 


A step-by-step guide won’t always help everyone. Knowing what’s best for you, grabbing hold of that, and sticking to it will benefit you far more than following my guide. I truly believe that people individually know what they need and want a lot better than anyone else and that it’s our job to grab hold of those needs and wants.


Need less stress? 

Know yourself, listen, and then create something that works for you.