A Love Letter From Jesus


I search you and I know you. I see when you sit down on your bed and in your various corner chairs. I see when you lie down to close your eyes and when you rise after pressing snooze seven times. I love you because I search your ways and know your heart. Oh, Beloved, it has some cracks, but it is good.

I know your lips and love when you paint them a new color — signifying a new day and a new beginning to speak and create new life. From the overflow of your heart, your mouth speaks. I know your words before you speak them and even when they are fowl or against my will, I turn to you and love you still. 

Now, Beloved, such knowledge might be too wonderful, so high and mighty that you cannot fathom the depths of it… But even deeper than the ocean’s floor is my love for you. I bring you into my arms and have brought you there always. I am behind you, I am before you, and I am also here, with you. I hold you when you are weak, even more so when you are strong. I lay my hand on you night and day. Nothing you do could separate us. 

Where would you go from my spirit? Where would you flee? If you went up to heaven, I would be there. But I will lead you through the storm and dwell even in your deepest sea. My hand will guide you and I will hold you. Even when the darkness threatens to cover you, and sometimes it will, the light about you is so much greater because with me the darkness is like the light, piercing shadows and telling a story only we can tell together.

I formed your inner parts and knit you together inside your moms womb. You are fearfully and wonderfully made. Nothing is wrong with you. Your frame is never hidden from my sight because I see you and know you. When you were being made in secret, I wrote your name — yes, yours — in my book and made you part of the story I am telling. Beloved, the story I am telling and the story unfolding before my eyes is beautiful. 

If you would count my thoughts for you, they would be more than the hairs on your head and even greater than the sand particles that line a beach’s shore. Awaken, Beloved, for I am still thinking of you even when your tendency is to forget. 

I slay the wicked in your life that threatens to tear you down. My enemies speak against me and speak my name in vein. I hate them because they rise against me and think that they rule above my reign. But not you, Beloved, I know your heart. Even when you fall, I see the thread of hope that runs deep and bright, your hope is the one thing that shines even in your deepest valley.

I know your heart and I know your thoughts. If there is any grievous way in you, I will rebuke it because I am your father and I love you. Even when the rain and snow fall down from heaven, it never returns there because it is returning to earth. It waters, making the ground bring forth life and sprout. It gives seed to the sower and also gives bread to you. 

What I mean by all this is that the words that come from me to you will not return empty or void. You will use them and accomplish all that I have purposed for you. You will succeed, Beloved, for I have sent you and you will go forth with joy and be lead forth in my peace. 

I will never cut you off. I love you and I am leading you forth in the way everlasting.

Ashley CookComment