Articles and Other Writing

This place is where you can find links to all my other writing. Links below.


Considered as the “place for thoughtful millennial storytelling,” Thought Catalog appreciates writing from all kinds of thought-leaders and women, engaging with a supportive community of creative writers and editors who are on the same journey of discovering themselves through the act of sharing their story. You can find all my cataloged stories and articles here.


The Odyssey is a writing space where community collides as a sole purpose. This space gives writers the ability to share whatever it is that they care about sharing to defy the status quo through words. You can find a dozen or so of my articles edited and published in 2016 on this platform.


I traveled for a year doing missions with an organization called Adventures in Missions. We were required to blog along our journey leading up to and following the aftermath of our journey abroad. You can find my writing and adventures catalogued at the link below.


I write for a ministry centered in the New England area called By Design Ministries, which empowers women in faith based leadership. You can find my most recent writing at their website below.


Encounter Love is a space to breathe deep and let go. Founder and friend, Hannah Dawber, gives way for people to share their hearts. This is one of the first articles I wrote without realizing how much it would speak and impact me weeks later when it was finally published.