Hi There! I’m Ashley Cook. I love redemptive stories and believe that the journey is more important than the arrival factor.

Over the last several years, I have been on a journey of becoming. After graduating college in 2015, I decided to globe trot for a year with several other young adults whose heart was to serve the lost. I went with a fire to serve God and also learn about my purpose and where I fit in this world. I found upon returning home that I had more questions than answers, and instead of finding rest in the ordinary, I began striving for the next best thing.

The “next best thing” came through several job changes and zero ability to be content. When things got ordinary, I got restless. When things broke apart, I got a rush on the dissonance. In the middle of all this, I found myself planted within a grace-giving and loving community in Southern New Hampshire. Even so, the dissonance in my spirit continued to reign and when things would settle with a job, something else would take a turn relationally or personally, and the very thing I needed — contentment — was the last thing I felt.

A little while ago, I started attending much-needed counseling sessions, which saved me. These sessions have taught me so much about respecting myself enough to make healthy choices that benefit the journey God has me on. In this process, I returned to the pages in my journal as a solace, I began talking about my feelings and passions, and I found support in weeding out the cycles and thought-patterns I couldn’t web out on my own.

Taking this journey has been so humbling. I have a huge heart for people, the nations, and serving in my local community. However, I see now that remaining content — no matter what the circumstance — is so important to living a journey and story worth retelling in my own lane.

A.C. Perennial was created out of a desire to recognize this journey of becoming and growing. I think it’s so important to shoot for my own dreams. Growth is not only essential, but necessary to moving on, healing, and running after the dreams God has placed in my heart to do.

I wanna be the first me and I encourage you to Be the First You.

With Love,